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Air Conditioning Hire

Portable Air Conditioning Units

For air conditioning hire , visit Best at hire, your National tool hire centre.

We have a superb range of high quality commercial and industrial air con units for hire – as well as compact mobile air conditioner equipment that can be used in your home. With excellent rental rates, a wide choice of hire periods, and a large network of collection depots across the UK, we make it easy for you to find suitable air con whatever your requirements and wherever you are based.

It is vital to choose the right stand alone air conditioner unit for the space you are targeting. A unit that is too big for the area will, ironically, prove less efficient – leaving your room feeling clammy rather than comfortable. We can advise you on the right size and type of air con units for your rooms or building so that you achieve the results you are aiming for.

Air Conditioning Units for Hire

Air coolers that are generally in high demand amongst our regular customers include:

  • Powerful commercial air conditioning hire units for cooling larger rooms / spaces.
  • Feature-packed, digitally controlled, fully portable medium / large mobile air conditioner hire units.
  • Small, simple, effective yet cheap air conditioning units for use at home or in smaller offices.
  • Many other items such as the Aura Avalanche air conditioning systems and split air conditioning units. 

How to Keep your Environment Cool

In addition to using an effective aircon unit, there are a number of other actions you can take to help keep your home or work environment more comfortable during hot spells of humid weather.

  • Firstly, keep all doors and windows closed so that the air conditioning unit can do its job effectively. Close any window coverings such as blinds and curtains to keep out the sun. If security allows it, reopen windows and coverings at night or early morning to allow cooler air in. Switch off air con units before you leave for extended periods.
  • Look into ceiling fan installation too. Moving air feels cooler than still air. 
  • Try to produce as little additional heat as possible during the day by avoiding the use of unnecessary machinery, etc. At home, you can wait to use dishwashers and washing machines until late evening or early morning, for example.
  • Consider putting up awnings or planting deciduous trees that will offer shade over parts of the building that are hit by the sun during the hottest periods of the day.  

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Avalanche Indoor Air Conditioning Unit
Price from: £199.99 per week
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Commercial Air Conditioning Unit
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Large Air Conditioning Unit - 240v
Price from: £149.99 per week
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Medium Air Conditioning Unit - 240v
Price from: £99.99 per week
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Small Air Conditioning Unit
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