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Concrete mixing basics

Date posted: 4 November 2011

When that time comes on your building project when you need to mix up concrete, then why don't use a concrete mixer to help save you the labour and effort of trying to mix the concrete by hand.

The key here is getting the correct consistency to achieve the right result and stable foundations. It’s not a difficult task to mix concrete, but you need to still need to be aware of the safety precautions required when doing this so always a protective mask and protective eyewear as the concrete dust can be harmful.

Getting the Correct Concrete Water Mix

When you hire a concrete mixer, you need to be careful not to add to much water to the mix. A classic mistake people do here is they add to much water too begin with.  The best way to mix concrete is to add small amounts of water at a time; therefore, making it easier to get the concrete mix correct.

Slump Test

You need to test the consistency and strength of the concrete mixture before using it for the foundations. The generic term used to do this test is called a “Slump Test”. To see a step by step instruction of doing a slump test, you can search Wikipedia. You can see from the slump test if the concrete is to wet or dry whereby the channel walls will either be crumbly or fill with water.

Additional Equipment

Using a concrete mixer is only one part of the tools needed. You also need a wheelbarrow, shovels and probably planks of wood to help you move the mixed concrete to the correct location before pouring.

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