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Concrete testing

Concrete Testing Tools

For concrete testing equipment hire visit Best at hire, your national tool hire centre.

Once you have prepared fresh concrete it can be subjected to a wide range of concrete testing. The concrete slump test procedure involves carrying out an empirical test that measures the workability of fresh concrete. Basically, this means checking its wetness or consistency to ensure it has the necessary 'flowability'.

The test is used to ensure the uniformity of different batches of concrete being used on site, and to establish the effects of plasticizers.

How do you carry out a slump test or cube test?

You will need concrete test cubes, a concrete slump cone, or equivalent concrete test equipment in order to carry out the simple procedure properly. You can hire these concrete test cubes from Best at hire.

To conduct the straightforward 'cube test' or 'slump test', you will use a special mould that needs to be placed on a hard, non-absorbent surface. This mould is then generally filled with fresh concrete in three stages, each time tamped using a rod of standard dimensions. At the end of the third stage, concrete is struck off, flush to the top edge of the mould, and then the mould must be lifted vertically very carefully in order to not disturb the concrete. Concrete then subsides, and this subsidence is referred to as 'slump' - measured to the nearest 5 mm if the slump is less than 100 mm, or to the nearest 10 mm if the slump is greater than 100 mm.

Assessing the profile of the slumped concrete

The resulting slump is measured according to the profile of the slumped concrete and is termed one of three things:

  1. 'true slump' – i.e. usable concrete; in this case the concrete simply subsides, keeping more or less to shape
  2.  'shear slump'- the top portion of the concrete shears off and slips sideways (a fresh sample should be taken and the test repeated)
  3. 'collapse slump' - the concrete collapses completely, and generally this means it is too wet (again a fresh sample should be taken and the test repeated)

We can supply concrete slump cones for accurate concrete cube testing. These concrete test cubes have a rugged, all-steel construction that bolts together and are available in two sizes.

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We make it easy for you to hire online or by phone, then choose either our UK-wide delivery service, or collect from the most convenient location across our national network of hire depots. With an excellent stock of high quality concrete testing tools, you can find everything you need to carry out thorough testing – as well as a whole range of other related concreting tools from cement mixers to compactor plates or 'wackers'.

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