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Petrol Powerfloat - 1200mmPetrol Powerfloat - 1200mm

Petrol Powerfloat - 1200mm

Product code: 070370
Petrol Powerfloat - 1200mm
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Item:Powerfloat Petrol

Ideal for finishing off large areas of concrete, this 1200mm petrol powerfloat achieves superior results when compared with hand held equivalents. It is very effective at removing tamp marks and blemishes from the surface of the concrete before it fully hardens, achieving a smooth and durable finish. It works by filling in the slightly lower spots and cutting down higher spots, thus evening out the entire surface so that it is level. This power float features circular pans which smooth out the concrete, before metal blades rotate all over the surface, changing the tilt angle to achieve a hardened surface.

Before using this device, ensure that your freshly-laid concrete has been thoroughly levelled and compacted with a vibrating screed first. This vibration ensures excess air bubbles are removed - a process that is vital in order to achieve the concrete's potential in terms of strength and durability. Allow the concrete to start hardening and use the float just before it has fully hardened. As a test, if you step on the concrete it should leave a vague but visible 3mm footprint. If you use the float on concrete has not had long enough to set, the float will simply tear up the surface, while if on the other hand the surface is already too hard then the float will just not be able to level the low and high spots.

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Petrol Powerfloat - 1200mmPetrol Powerfloat - 1200mm


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