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Concrete & compaction in Liverpool

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Concrete and Compaction Tools Liverpool

For concrete and compaction tools visit Best at hire, your tool hire depot in Liverpool.

Hire concrete and compaction equipment to get professional results when you are working with concrete, whether in a domestic setting or for a trade job.

We can provide cement mixer hire, concrete mixer hire, wacker plate hire, vibration plate hire, and much more – all at competitive rental rates.

Preparing a subbase

Before you can pour concrete you will need to create a stable subbase and a form into which you pour it.

  1. First, clear the area of any old concrete and other debris such as grass, stones or plants, leaving just raw earth.
  2. Create the subbase. In some situations you may only need compacted soil as your subbase, but if the concrete needs to take a heavy weight you will need fine stones to offer a more stable foundation to prevent movement or cracks.  Hire plate compactors or vibration plates to carry out the compaction work efficiently.
  3. Create the form around the pouring site's perimeter, usually using wood. You can also add wire mesh to your form if the concrete needs to bear a heavy load.
  4. Mix the concrete using a hired concrete mixer, adding as little water as you can because the drier the mix, the less prone it is to cracking.

Pouring, sealing and curing concrete

  1. Pour the concrete into the form then shovel and rake it to spread it out. Screed the surface, then float it to draw the 'cream' to the surface.
  2. Create traction: brush a broom over the surface, adding texture.
  3. Cure the concrete by providing a moisture-retaining barrier over the entire surface, either using plastic sheeting, or a chemical curing compound.
  4. Protect the new concrete from extreme weather for a minimum of three days, and preferably a week.

Top concrete tools at great rental rates

Rent a concrete mixer, a wacker plate or other concrete and compaction tools online, or just call 0151 679 0220 to talk to our experts, or if you would like to create a trade account with us. You can pick up your concrete tools from our Liverpool depot, from another depot in the North West, or from any of our other countrywide hire locations. We also offer UK-wide delivery – with many items available next day.

Our branch is located at Brunswick Place, Derby Road, Liverpool, L20 8DT