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Wacker Plate Hire in Leeds

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Elland Road Industrial Park
Elland Way
LS11 0EY

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Tel: 0113 870 3220


Wacker Plates and Compaction Hire Leeds

For wacker plate and compactor hire in Leeds visit Best at hire, your National tool hire centre.

Fresh concrete contains many air bubbles which will reduce the concrete's durability and strength if they are left inside the material. The answer is to remove as much of the air as possible through a process of compaction. This will make sure your finished concrete is strong and long-lasting, and can easily be achieved thanks to our wide range of compactor hire equipment.

Our modern, powerful vibration plates will expel the air bubbles, and you will be able to tell when the process is complete because bubbles will stop rising to the surface once you stop.

We cater for trade and domestic customers, with compactor equipment to suit most jobs. Choose from our 4 strole trench rammers and backfill air rammers or our range of forward/reverse compactors and petrol vibrating plates of different sizes. We also stock a ready supply of associated accessories including rubber base mats for use with the compactors.

Is re-vibration okay?

One common issue faced by those working with concrete is with plastic settlement and voids. When the concrete is placed and vibrated, 'bleed' water rises to the surface and the concrete settles. If the settling process is limited by reinforcement or pre-stressing ducts, a surface crack could appear long the reinforcement. To reverse this, you can place concrete up to the underside of the ducts, wait about 30 minutes, re-vibrate – and then carry on placing and compacting. Re-vibration is a viable option as long as the concrete is still workable. You can find out if this is the case by prodding it with a poker – if when you remove the poker it leaves no hole behind, you know it is fine to be re-vibrated.

Vibration plate hire at excellent rates

Our compactor hire service enables you to get professional results when you work with concrete without having to invest in expensive equipment yourself. We offer great hire rates and a convenient network of hire locations. Hire online or call 0113 870 3220. Collect your concrete compactor hire items from our Leeds depot, from another location in West Yorkshire, or from any of our other UK-wide hire locations – or ask for delivery.

Our branch is located at Elland Road Industrial Park, Elland Way, Leeds, LS11 0EY


Customer Reviews

Paul Bevan​    5 / 5  
Brilliant service, on the ball staff, asked what I was collecting, knew exactly where it was and who I was, and where the paperwork was, no need for order numbers computers etc, they had obviously done their homework.

Rachael Brown   5 / 5  
Fairly straight forward business transaction.

John Littlewood    5 / 5  
Easy ordering process, friendly and helpful staff on site, competitive price and good quality quality equipment. I will use again

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