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Cement Mixer Hire in Hull

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Hedon Road

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Tel: 01482 963 220


Concrete and Cement Mixer Hire Hull

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For concrete or cement mixer hire in Hull visit Best at hire, your local tool hire centre.

Our range of concrete mixers provides solutions suitable for home or trade customers who need to achieve a smooth, consistent mix for concreting projects on every scale – including paddle mixer hire for use with power drills; small concrete mixer hire; and larger capacity electric or petrol concrete mixers.

Our heavy duty models incorporate tough gear boxes; rigid mixing drums; a foot-operated tipping lock for better safety; and a paddle design to achieve a better mix. This makes them well-suited to professional trade jobs and larger-scale projects, even in a difficult on-site environment.

Working with concrete

When you work with concrete it is essential to get your concrete mix ratio just right – and then ensure a good consistency before you pour it. It is a good idea to start small if you have not worked with concrete before, honing your skills on an easy project before getting stuck in to more complicated jobs.

Mixing concrete is not particularly difficult in itself, but as mentioned it is key to get the ratio of water to cement right in order to ensure its strength and durability: as a guide, for every pound (or kilogram or any unit of weight) of cement, about 0.25 pounds (or 0.25 kg or corresponding unit) of water is required as minimum, but this is hard to mix so most people use a little more water, usually closer to ratios of 0.4 to 0.6.


  • Pour a measured amount of water into the mix from a bucket and continue mixing for several minutes after all the water is absorbed. This is vital because the concrete's consistency may become thinner or 'soupier' as you mix more. If you add additional water straight away you could end up with a runnier consistency than you were aiming for.
  • Retain at least a few cups' worth of dry concrete mix on the side just in case the consistency becomes too thin and you need to add more dry mix.

Hire online or call 01482 963 220

For competitive rental rates and quality concrete mixers, choose Best at hire. Pick up your concrete mixer hire equipment from our local Hull depot, from any of our other depots in Yorkshire or from another nationwide hire location – or we can deliver.

Our branch is located at Hedon Road, Hull, HU9 1RA

Reviews from our Hull & East Yorkshire Customers

Ross Webb    5 / 5  
Good range of concrete mixers at very affordable prices

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