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Concrete & compaction in Glasgow

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Concrete and Compaction Tools Glasgow

For concrete and compaction tools visit Best at hire, your tool hire depot in Glasgow.

Hire all your concrete and compaction equipment from us, whether for a DIY domestic setting or a trade job – and source all the right tools to achieve a professional finish.

From cement mixer hire and concrete mixer hire to wacker plates, vibration plates and much more, we offer competitive rental rates, friendly and efficient customer service, and a convenient UK-wide network of tool hire depots – as well as a reliable delivery service.

Preparing the subbase for pouring in concrete

Before you can start working with concrete you will need to create a stable subbase.

  1. Clear the ground of old concrete, grass, stones, plants, and any other materials to exposing raw earth.
  2. Create the subbase or 'foundation' on which to lay the concrete. Hire a plate compactor or vibrating plates to help compact the ground properly. For some concrete you may only need compacted soil as your subbase, but if it is going to bear heavy weights (such as a driveway used by vehicles) you will need to put down and compact fine stones to provide a more stable subbase.
  3. Create the form around the pouring site's perimeter (usually using wood). You may need to add wire mesh to your form if the concrete is to take heavy loads.
  4. Mix the concrete using a hired concrete mixer, adding the minimum amount of water required (the drier the mix, the less likely it is to crack).

Pouring, sealing & curing

  1. Pour your concrete into the form. Use shovels and rakes to spread it out and screed the surface, then float it to get the 'cream' to rise to the top.
  2. Create traction by brushing a broom across the surface to add some texture.
  3. Cure the concrete by creating a moisture-retaining barrier on the surface – use plastic sheeting, or a chemical curing compound.
  4. Protect fresh concrete from extreme weather for at least a few days, but preferably for a week or more.

Quality concrete tools at excellent prices

Rent concrete mixers and wacker plates online, or call 0141 310 3220 to set up a trade account. Pick up hire equipment from a Glasgow depot, from another depot in Scotland, or from any of our other countrywide hire locations. We also offer UK-wide delivery – with many items available next day.

Our branch is located at Houston Place, Kingston Bridge Trading Estate, Glasgow, G5 8SG