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Wacker Plate Hire in Eastleigh

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St Georges Industrial Estate
Goodwood Road
SO50 4NT

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Tel: 023 8167 0220


Wacker Plates and Compaction Hire Eastleigh

For wacker plate and compactor hire in Eastleigh visit Best at hire, your National tool hire centre.

Vibration plates and compactors enable you to create a stable foundation on which to pour new concrete. Our professional compactor hire range, including vibrating plates of various different sizes, includes equipment that is suitable for domestic or trade customers – helping you create the perfect subbase whatever the scale of the job.

Choose from our wide range of compactors and related equipment, including petrol vibrating plates of varying sizes; forward/reverse compactors; 4 strole trench rammers; and backfill air rammers to tackle narrow work. We also hire accessories such as rubber base mats for use with our compactors, and other items used when working with concrete such as cement and concrete mixer hire.

Why hire a compactor?

Your concrete will only end up being as strong as your subgrade – i.e. the soil underneath your subbase (often made up of a layer of stones). This means it is very important to ensure your subgrade is thoroughly compacted and very stable before you put down a subbase.
The compacted earth itself can actually become the subbase, but for concrete that will have to cope with heavier use or will be weight-bearing it is best to create a subbase from another material, often fine stones. Bear in mind that finer-grade stone compacts far more effectively than the open-grade stone that is available at a cheaper price. You will usually need a subbase about 10-15cm thick, and this itself can be properly compacted using a plate compactor.

Our wacker plate and vibrating plate hire means you can gain access to equipment suitable for using in narrow or hard-to-access areas; or for compacting gravel or sand over larger areas. From lightweight to heavy duty vibration plates, we have items to suit every type of job.

Friendly, efficient hire service

Simply hire online now or call our friendly team of experts on 023 8167 0220 for some guidance. We can help you decide on the best compactors to hire for your specific DIY or professional concrete job. Pick up your compactor hire equipment from the Eastleigh depot, from another location in the South East , or from any of our other hire locations, dotted right across the country. We can also offer trade accounts if you would like one, and we can arrange UK-wide delivery.

Our branch is located at St Georges Industrial Estate, Goodwood Road, Eastleigh, SO50 4NT


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Peter Overing      5 / 5  
Online booking worked well. Prices were cheaper than elsewhere.

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