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Concrete & compaction in Eastleigh

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Concrete and Compaction Tools Eastleigh

For concrete and compaction tools visit Best at hire, your tool hire depot in Eastleigh.

Hire concrete and compaction equipment for trade or domestic jobs to achieve a professional concrete finish. From wacker plate hire and cement mixer hire to vibrating plates, concrete mixers and lots of other tools for creating the subbase and mixing and pouring concrete, Best at hire can supply everything you need.

How to lay concrete

The key steps for pouring concrete include the following:

  • Prepare the area by clearing it of things that might get in the way (rocks, grass, shrubs, old concrete, etc) leaving exposed raw earth.
  • Prepare your subbase - the material on which the concrete will rest. Plate compactor hire helps you achieve this. The soil underneath your subbase is your subgrade. Concrete is only as strong as its subgrade, so this must be properly stabilised and compacted before adding the subbase. Sometimes soil alone can be the subbase if it is well-compacted. However, many professionals choose to use stone. Finer-grade stone compacts better, and the subbase usually needs to be a 4-8 inch thick.
  • Create a form around the pouring site - usually a wooden perimeter. Add wire mesh to your form if you want extra stability (e.g. if the area will bear heavy loads, such as a driveway).
  • Add the concrete mix ingredients to your concrete mixer adding as little water as possible (a drier mix is more crack-resistant). Cement mixer hire and concrete mixer hire prices can be very reasonable and make the job less labour-intensive.
  • Pour the concrete into your form. Spread out the concrete with shovels and rakes. Screed the top surface to flatten it out.
  • Float the newly-screeded surface to further compact the concrete.
  • Create traction to make the surface less slippy when it's wet by sweeping a broom across the surface to create texture.
  • Seal and cure the concrete. Curing is achieved by creating a moisture-retaining barrier on the concrete's surface (e.g. a plastic sheet or a chemical curing compound).
  • Protect your concrete from extreme weather conditions for at least three (and preferably seven) days.

A wide range of concrete and compaction tools at competitive rates

Hire compactors and concrete mixers online or call us on 023 8167 0220 for guidance, or if you would like to create a trade account with us. Collect your concrete and cement mixer hire and compactor plate equipment from your Eastleigh depot, from another location in the South East , or from any of our other hire locations across the country. We also offer UK-wide delivery, with many compactors and concrete mixers available the next day.

Our branch is located at St Georges Industrial Estate, Goodwood Road, Eastleigh, SO50 4NT