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Carpet Cleaner - Domestic

Product code: 040070
Karcher Puzzi 10/1 professional carpet & upholstery cleaner
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Product details

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner for Hire

 Guaranteed In Stock Today!

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  • Order before Noon for either Same Day Collection/Delivery or get Next Day National Delivery.

 Fast, Effective Cleaning on...

  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Sofas, Cushions, Curtains
  • Upholsteries
  • Car Seats & Caravans
  • Hallways
  • Pet Stains & Common Household Stains

 Fast Drying!

  • Leaves only minimal residual moisture
  • Carpets and upholstery are left almost completely dry
  • 10 Litre fresh tank capacity
  • 9 Litre dirty water tank capacity
  • For efficient cleaning of areas up to 20-25m²/h
  • Comes with an upholstery attachment tool

Our versatile, industry-standard domestic carpet cleaner effectively restores carpets and upholstery to showroom conditions, shifting dirt, bacteria, odours and allergens. With its 10-litre tank, this product weighs just 10kg -- making it perfect for use in the home or office on carpets, stairs and upholstery such as sofas and cushions.

Once it has become deeply-ingrained, dirt and bacteria cannot be removed effectively by vacuuming alone. Only a deep clean with a proper carpet cleaner will really revive your carpets. Lightweight, easy to use, this particular model uses a powerful combination of hot water, high pressure, cleaning solution and traditional vacuum cleaning.

The result is a much deeper and more effective clean as the machine easily lifts dirt and removes stains, odours and allergens, leaving your carpet fresh and clean, and helping to prolong its life. And since it can also be used on upholstery, it is a very versatile product appealing to a wide range of customers – offering the same deep cleaning power for your sofa and cushions that it can deliver to your carpets.

 Included in Hire

  • Vacuum Hose
  • Lance / Wand
  • Upholstery Tool
  • 240V RCD Power Breaker

 Extras Available at Checkout

The following items can be added to your order at checkout, over the phone or in branch.

  • Carpet Floor Dryer
  • Carpet Upholstery Shampoo
  • Pet Guard Shampoo
  • Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner
  • Carpet Spot Stain Remover
  • Carpet Upholstery Odour Remover

Technical Specification

  • Based On- Karcher Puzzi 100 Carpet Cleaner
  • Max Area Performance - 20 - 25 square meters per hour
  • Air Flow Rate- 54 litres per second
  • Vacuum - 220 - 22 mbar/kPa
  • Spray Rate - 1 litre per minute
  • Spray Pressure - 1 bar
  • Tank Capacity (Fresh Water) - 10 litres
  • Tank Capacity (Dirty Water) - 9 litres 
  • Turbine Power Rating - 1250 watts
  • Pump Power Rating - 40 watts
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 665 x 320 x 435cm
  • Weight - 10.3kg

Before use

  • Please note, that this carpet cleaner is a warm water extraction unit and should not be used with boiling water.
  • Always read the instruction manual in detail before you start using the carpet cleaner.
  • Cover all electrical sockets in the area in which you are working before you start using the cleaner, to avoid any water getting into them.
  • Remember to avoid 'scrubbing' the carpet with the nozzle, or over-wetting any areas. Instead, you should aim to distribute the solution evenly across the carpet.

Transport by an Estate Use Power Breaker



All prices are in GBP and exclude VAT and damage waiver.

Hire Periods Explained

  • Same day return - The item must be returned before we close at 17.00 hours on the same business day.
  • + Day - This is the rate for an Additional Day of hire.
  • Weekend - The weekend rate covers Friday 12pm to Monday 12pm.
  • Weekly - The maximum rate for each 7 day period.
  • Items are available for longer term hire. Please enquire.



Q - Can I use the Karcher domestic carpet cleaner suitable to clean my car upholstery?

  • Yes you can, it’s suitable for cleaning car upholstery

Q - Can I use the carpet cleaner for cleaning a memory foam mattress?

  • No, we don't recommend you use the carpet cleaner on a memory foam mattress.

Q - Can we use soap in the carpet cleaner?

  • Yes you can if you wish but we recommend you use specialist carpet cleaning detergent which can we can supply at point of hire.

Q - Will the carpet cleaner fit in my car?

  • The carpet cleaner dimensions are (W) 705mm x (D) 320 x (H) 435 so this will easily fit into a small hatchback or medium sized car.

Q - How much carpet can be cleaned with the cleaner?

  • Our carpet cleaner can efficiently clean between 20-25 square meters per hour.

Q - Are your carpet shampoos and cleaning agents child and pet-friendly?

  • Yes they are.

Q - What about the drying time?

  • Our professional carpet cleaners have built-in, quick dry technology which means only a small amount of residual moisture is left , leaving carpets and upholstery almost completely dry. Carpet drying time will vary on a number of factors but usually it can be as little as 2 hours or less depending on the amount of air flow in the room, humidity and type of carpet you have cleaned.

Q - Can you show me how to use the carpet cleaner?

  • Yes we can show you how to use the equipment before you take delivery and answer any questions you may have. You are also supplied with a comprehensive handover guide.

Q - When using the carpet cleaner, what happens if I over wet the carpet?

  • If over wetting occurs then the first thing you should do is to try and remove as much of the moisture as possible by going over the carpet using the vacuum only setting.  In order to do this correctly, you pass the carpet cleaner over the parts of the carpet with the excess water, but you DO NOT press the spray button as all that will do is add more water and solution onto the carpet.   Repeat the vacuuming only process a number of times until you have got up as much of the excess moisture as possible.

Q - Do you offer delivery and collection to where I live?

  • Yes. Delivery is charged at a flat £18 (inc VAT) fee, no matter where you are in the UK.  That is £9 to deliver the item to you and then £9 to collect it from you. Alternatively collect from your local depot for free.



Carpet Cleaner - DomesticCarpet Cleaner - DomesticCarpet Cleaner - DomesticCarpet Cleaner - DomesticCarpet Cleaner - DomesticCarpet Cleaner - DomesticCarpet Cleaner - Domestic


Ratings and Reviews

Excellent Carpet Washer   5 / 5  
This is a really good carpet washer.It's very manoeuvrable , easy to use and the tank can hold a fair amount of water and detergent so you're not having to constantly empty and re-fill them which can be a bit frustrating as found with other machines. My carpets came up a good few shades lighter even though there was no visible dirt on them and it was also did an excellent job on our mats and rugs to, so overall , really happy with the results.
Brian Taylor
Karcher carpet cleaner   5 / 5  
Hired this carper cleaner and it performed very well. It's so much faster than domestic machines we have previously had.
Emma Bennet
Carpets like new again   5 / 5  
Great results from this Karcher carpet cleaner. Made my carpers looks like new again and overall I would say It performed much better than the rug doctor we previously hired.
Stephen Amos
Great deal   5 / 5  
Very good value and simple to use. It bought my carpets up like like new and I was quite surprised how much dirt there actually was given that they didn't look to bad to begin with.
Jane Williams

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