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Pressure Washer Hire in Slough

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Trident Industrial Estate
Blackthorne Road

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Tel: 01753 326 220


Pressure Washer Hire Slough

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Just minutes from the centre of town and the M25 and M4 motorways, our local Slough branch is easy to find and offers a superb selection of pressure washers for hire along with its large tool hire portfolio.

Pressure washers are an indispensable piece of equipment for shifting surface dirt, lichen, grime, mud, traffic film, grease and other materials from many different outdoor surfaces.

Most machines are connected to a water supply using a typical garden hose, although we also stock power washers with an integrated water bowser to cater for remote jobs where you do not have easy access to a mains water supply or another water source.

At home, many of our customers use jet washers to clean exterior surfaces such as garden patios, walls, pathways, driveways and wooden decking. By getting rid of slime and grime your outdoor areas will look smart and clean, and any ground surfaces will be less slippery to walk on. You can also use our machines to flush leaves out of your gutters or to clean vehicles.

In trade settings, industrial pressure washers are also in high demand as they are commonly used for so many tasks – from cleaning farm yards and construction sites to washing off traffic film from vehicles or cleaning plant equipment and machinery.

Access to expert advice

Our portfolio of pressure washing equipment includes models to suit jobs of all sizes, and we can give you some guidance as to which product would be best suited to the tasks you are carrying out. We can often demonstrate how to use the machines, too, so you can walk away with confidence that you have chosen well and know how to get the best out of your pressure washer. We also check, clean and maintain our equipment every time it is rented out, so you can trust that all of our items are safe, working and looked after to the highest standards.

Our range

Some of the products in our cleaning equipment range include:

  • For bigger domestic or large-scale commercial jobs: Our industrial heavy duty diesel or electric pressure washers are well-suited to more major cleaning tasks in trade environments or when you have a lot of work to do at home.  We have a stock of powerful electric and diesel machines to suit individual preferences and situations, and can talk to you about which is best for you – but all heavy duty versions offer a highly practical stand-alone cleaning solution to shift dirt, grime, traffic film and other debris from concrete, masonry, brickwork, paving and other surfaces.
  • For isolated locations / remote work without mains water supply: We stock power washers with an integrated bowser to carry a store of water with you wherever you need to work. This is the ideal solution when working somewhere far from a reliable water supply. Choose the capacity you need, and tow it to your required location.
  • For patio and other smaller cleaning jobs: Our Demon petrol patio cleaners are small and lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy, making them ideal for home (and some trade) customers who want to clean up their patio as springtime arrives and you want to start using your outdoor spaces more again. It's also ideal for clean-ups throughout the year to maintain a clean, non-slippery surface. Handy attachments and accessories make this type of machines suitable for cleaning not only patios but also pathways, driveways, decked areas, pavements, and other surfaces.
  • For cleaning in tight spaces: The electric cold water jet washers are great when you need to get into awkward, tight spots for cleaning. In high demand amongst domestic customers, this lightweight unit will go in your car boot with ease, and you will be able to lift it and move it around to wherever you need to use it. Although it is light in weight and compact in design, it delivers excellent cleaning results getting rid of unwanted dirt such as traffic film, oil, mud, grease and other stains from a wide range of surfaces such as walls, vehicles, concrete paths and patios.

Need cleaning agents or accessories?

We stock suitable cleaning agents and accessories that will enable you to get the most out of the pressure washer you hire.

Our Traffic Film Remover, for instance, is a powerful alkaline that assists in cleaning vehicles, alloy wheels, engine bays and chassis that have a build up of traffic film dirt. Then we have personal protection packs that aim to look after the safety of those using our pressure washers, including safety goggles for your eyes, safety gloves for your hands, a moulded cup mask to prevent inhalation of potentially dangerous dust particles, and comfortable earplugs to protect your ears. You may also want to hire additional accessories for your equipment, such as Hose Connectors and Lances/Wands.

Talk to us

Have a question you'd like answered? No problem. Call us now on 01753 326 220 for free advice from a member of our team – or drop into the Berkshire depot, which can be found at Trident Industrial Estate, Blackthorne Road, Colnbrook, Slough, SL3 0AX.

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