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Water Bowser Hire in Glasgow

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Houston Place
Kingston Bridge Trading Estate
G5 8SG

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Tel: 0141 310 3220


Towable Water Bowsers for Hire Glasgow

Water bowsers have a myriad uses and not just for emergency water supplies. Whether you are planning to have a charity car wash, run a small festival or other outdoor event or do some cleaning far from a water source, a water bowser is essential. Best at Hire have a variety of sizes of water bowsers for hire in Glasgow from a very portable 110 litre size up to a huge towable 2200 litres – for those who think in gallons, that is almost five hundred!

Why hire?

Buying a water storage tank for occasional use is really just not practical. For a start, even the portable smallest size is larger than a wheelie bin and the biggest is more or less car sized. Storage is not the only reason why water bowser hire in Glasgow is so much more sensible, though; keeping anything which carries water smelling fresh is a big problem if it is going to spend most of its time standing empty. By getting your water bowser from us, you will know that not only will it have been cleaned out by our experienced staff when it is returned by the previous hirer, but because we rent out our equipment very regularly, it will not have been standing empty for months on end. We also supply pumps which fit the water bowsers , so you will know that they will work perfectly, so if you need to pump water from your bowser to another location, you will have the power to move it 200 metres.

Specialist equipment

It is unlikely that you will need to use a water bowser very often in a domestic setting, but we have a perfect size for you if you need to clean that difficult to reach patio tucked away at the bottom of the garden. Best at Hire can provide you with a portable water bowser which will work brilliantly with a pressure washer – also available from Best at Hire – and you can soon have every corner of your garden spick and span. If you have an industrial building that needs a clean, then the larger, towable water bowser we have is just the thing for you. The larger size means more work can get done before a refill.

Delivery and Collection

Although the larger water bowsers hireable from Best at Hire are towable, we are aware that not everyone has a suitable vehicle. That is why we have our very popular delivery and collection service. With 90 depots to choose from, you will easily find one near you and if you have any questions about what you might need, a quick call will soon get you sorted. You can also book your water bowser hire online – you can still ask any questions you might have on our enquiry form before you decide definitely what you want. Call us today on 0344 288 8088. Our local branch is located at Houston Place, Kingston Bridge Trading Estate, Glasgow, G5 8SG

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Petrol Powered Mini bowser and pressure washer
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1100 Litre road towable water bowser
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Hand-operated portable water bowser
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