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Pressure Washer Hire in Colchester

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London Road

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Tel: 01206 653 220


Pressure Washer Hire Colchester

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In an accessible location close to the main A12 road and less than three miles from the centre of town, our Colchester tool hire branch supplies a superb choice of pressure washers for hire to both domestic and trade customers.

If you are one of our home customers, you may need a jet washer to clean up your garden – whether it's the patio, paths, walls, decking or driveway that needs attention. We have some great compact powerful machines that you can fit in your car boot and carry with ease thanks to their lightweight design. Other domestic applications include clearing the gutters or cars and other vehicles.

Commercial applications are equally varied – with trade customers hiring industrial pressure washers to clean down yards, plant equipment, machinery, buildings, roads and car parks, pavements, and many other outdoor surfaces.

Choice and quality

We have put together a portfolio that offers a great deal of choice to cater for all our customers and their myriad of tasks – without any compromise on quality. We choose leading brands such as Demon and Karcher and tried and tested models to deliver powerful cleaning machines that will do the job with minimal effort on your part.

Make your life easier and hire a power washer to shift mud, lichen, moss, oil, traffic film and many other materials from a wide range of surfaces, quickly and easily – so that they are restored to a far better – or even like-new – condition.

A wide portfolio of cleaning machines

  • Heavy Duty Diesel or Electric Pressure Washers: If you are tackling a tough, large-scale commercial job, have a browse of our heavy duty power washers. You can rely on these to shift the toughest dirt, grease and other stains from a multitude of surfaces – with ease. You can pick from electric or diesel versions, depending on your requirements, giving you a powerful, versatile, stand-alone cleaning solution. Domestic customers with a tough job to do often choose electric jet washers, while trade customers often opt for the cost-efficient diesel version.
  • Electric Cold Water Pressure Washers: Compact, lightweight and convenient, these are the obvious choice for everyday domestic cleaning tasks such as washing down patios, decking, block paving, pathways, and driveways. They are small enough to put in your car boot and offer superior performance despite their lightweight, portable design.
  • Petrol Patio Cleaners: Our Demon Hurricane Combi P2 pressure washer is a relatively new product that offers excellent cleaning and a compact design, plus some useful accessories and attachments that widen its possible application.
  • Pressure washers with integrated Bowsers: If you are working somewhere isolated or remote, without a working water supply, take a look at our machines that come with a water bowser to provide you with a portable supply of water.

Traffic film remover

If your cleaning task involves removing traffic film you can make the job easier and get better results by ordering some traffic film remover. This cleaning agent shifts traffic film from engine bays, chassis, curtain sided vehicles and alloy wheels.

Useful extras

To make the most of our machines, we also offer customers a range of attachments and accessories. This includes practical items such as Hose Connectors and Lances/Wands, as well as safety gear like ear plugs, safety Wellington boots, PVC knitted wrist gloves, safety eye goggles, masks and two-piece flexible wetsuits.

Tried & tested

Every item we hand over to a customer has been put through rigorous checks and has been cleaned and serviced. We will provide the appropriate safety and user guides with the equipment, and can also answer queries and even demonstrate how to use them (wherever possible).

Would you like to ask us something, or receive guidance on which pressure washer to hire? Just call us on 01206 653 220 for advice from our team of experts.

Our Colchester tool hire depot can be found at London Road, Stanway, Colchester, CO3 0NR

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Demon pressure washer
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Demon pressure washer
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Petrol Patio Cleaner
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Heavy duty petrol pressure washer
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Industrial petrol-powered pressure washer
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