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Carpet cleaning tips

Date posted: 4 November 2011

Carpet Cleaner hire is ideal for people wanting to spring clean or spruce up their home without spending the earth to do it. There are an abundance of domestic carpet cleaners for hire which will enable you to clean carpets, upholstery and curtains whilst still achieving the professional carpet cleaning quality but without the price. These are industrial standard carpet cleaners and can be rented for a flexible long weekend thus allowing you do clean multiple rooms.

Our carpet cleaners for hire have large water tanks which enable you to clean large areas of carpet without the need of having to constantly change the water.

Hire Industrial Carpet Cleaner

Ideal for those large rooms and areas, our industrial carpet cleaners for hire have a large water tank and take the hard work out of carpet cleaning. Using powerful rotary brushes and a vacuum cleaning effect , this enables the dirt to be removed from the carpet. The carpet cleaner then sprays a fine water spray to help clean the carpet.

Hire Carpet Cleaner Domestic

The domestic carpet cleaner is an industry standard 1000 watt carpet cleaner and has a 10 litre capacity tank to help clean carpets bringing them back to showroom condition. It is ideal for cleaning domestic carpets and stairs

Heated Turbo Carpet and Floor Cleaner

The heated turbo carpet and floor cleaner is an industry standard and professionals choice of carpet dryer to help assist in drying out carpets and can even been used to assist in the drying out following any flood or leak damage. Our carpet dryers for hire can save you time and effort when drying out areas.

Floor Mac

Ideal for cleaning and polishing wooden floors, laminate or parquet flooring, you can hire a floor mac to bring your floors back up to showroom condition. The floor macs for hire are also good for cleaning stone, marble and tiles.

Steam Cleaners

Hiring a Steam Cleaner can be ideal for cleaning bathrooms and sanitising your home. They are portable and very manoeuvrable thus allowing you to reach those difficult areas to clean. Our Portable steam cleaners for hire help to kill bacteria , germs and mites and can also be used for kitchen surface tiles, sinks and cookers.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Hoover the area you wish to carpet clean and remove all furniture before proceeding with the carpet cleaner. For High traffic areas you may need be more thorough.
  • Pre Spray the carpets before carpet cleaner. There are a large number or stain removal and carpet cleaning products available to help with the lifting of dirt and grime.
  • Always test your carpet before starting any cleaning as some carpets can be sensitive to the ingredients in the cleaners.
  • When cleaning brush spots , always work from the outside in to contain the stain.
  • Once you have carpeted a room, you can either open the windows or put the heating on to help speed up the carpet drying time. Alternatively why not hire a air mover or carpet dryer which is not only speed up the time it takes to dry the carpets but would also save in heating bills.

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