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A beginners Guide to Steam Cleaning

Date posted: 14 February 2012

Hiring a steam cleaner is an ideal cost-effective way to deep clean and sanitize items in your home or office that require thorough cleaning. Not only are steam cleaners versatile, adaptive and effective but when you hire a steam cleaner you are getting a product that will kill bacteria, viruses and dust mites whilst still effortlessly cleaning and being detergent free. cleaning equipment

How do Steam Cleaners Work?

Steam cleaners work by heating water. They primarily consist of a small water tank which when filled with water is heated to temperatures exceeding 230 Celsius which evaporate the water making steam. As a result, the increased pressure in the water tank allows the steam to release through a cleaning attachment thus producing high-pressure steam which is used to clean the selected item or area. Given the rapid speed that they tend to heat up, you would be able to begin using your steam cleaner in a matter of minutes.

Hygienic Advantages of Steam Cleaning?

Most people use a lot elbow grease combined with a bucket and mop and possibly a vacuum cleaner when trying to achieve a high level of sanitisation. Hiring a steam cleaner makes not only light work of this, but it has also been scientifically proven to kill bacteria, bed, dust mites and viruses with the high-pressure steam it produces and at the same time without the need for detergents.  Using a steam cleaner will also help to neutralise other allergens and odours as well being more pet-friendly given that there is no need to use cleaning fluids and detergents over the area or item in question.Another advantage when you hire a steam cleaner is that there is no need to worry about the harmful effects chemicals and fluids may have on your items or areas because the only product produced is steam.

Applications for using a Steam cleaner?

Steam cleaners are very adaptive and effective at cleaning large areas quickly without the need to use anything else. They can be used to clean a wide of applications including :

  • Kitchen and Bathroom floor and tiles
  • Windows
  • Mattresses
  • Carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery
  • Ovens, hobs and racks
  • Anywhere with hard flooring

Steam cleaners come in a range of sizes and attachments with the most popular cleaners being the portable steam cleaner or the steam cleaner with an integral vacuum. Both are versatile machines capable thoroughly cleansing any home or office to a high level of sanitization eliminating germs, dirt and bacteria along the way.

There are many popular brands out there when you look to hire a steam cleaner but the main ones to consider include Karcher, Vax, Hyginus, Osprey and Alto

When you are looking at renting a Steam cleaner, we have a large range available as well as other cleaning equipment including carpet cleaners.

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