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Sander hire

Sanding Tools

For sander hire visit Best at hire, your national tool hire centre.

If you are sanding floors in your home, or as part a professional trade job, we can supply all the carpentry tools and floor sander hire items you need to achieve an excellent, flawless finish.

Our customers sand wood to remove mill marks, which are caused by woodworking machines, or to get rid of other flaws such as gouges or dents that may have been caused during handling.  Usually this involves sanding first with a coarse grade sandpaper to remove marks rapidly, followed by sanding with a finer grade sandpaper to sand out the coarse-grit scratches -- gradually going finer and finer until you achieve the flawless finish you want to achieve. 

Our range of sanding tools

Our growing range features belt sander hire, drywall sander hire, multi sanders and orbital sander polishers – as well as machines suitable for sanding paint and metal. Some of our most popular floor sanding equipment includes:

  • 100mm heavy duty electric belt sanders: Designed for professionals working with timber, this machine is quick and easy to use, achieving a smooth and level finish.
  • Electric floor sanders: If you are renovating floor boards and need to get rid of old paint, varnish or marks and stains, this sander is ideal - helping to produce a flawless finish ready for fresh varnish.
  • Electric palm sanders: A compact, hand held device that is perfect for small scale sanding tasks, especially those that involve reaching into tight corners or other awkward spaces where larger sanders can't be used.
  • Floor edging sanders: Once you have finished using the main floor sander you will need this handy tool to reach right up to the skirting at the edges of the floor in order to finish the job neatly, as your main sander will be too large to reach up to the edges.
  • Random orbital sanders: This is hand held and can be used with various attachments for sanding or polishing wood, plastic, metal, paint or lacquer.
  • Multi sanders: This is the original orbital action tool for professional sanding as well as scraping, sawing, polishing and rasping - perfect for use on laminate flooring, for removing grout, and for intricate sanding tasks.

We can also supply a full range of sanding sheets. Please ask for details when you hire.

Quality tool hire at competitive prices

Take a look at our full range online and book via the website – or alternatively you can call us on 0344 288 8088 if you would like some help choosing the right equipment for your specific job.

You can collect your hire items from the nearest depot, choosing from a vast number of locations right across the UK – or we can arrange delivery  if that is easier for you. We can also create a trade account if you would like one  – please ask for details. 

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Drywall Sander
Price from: £47.28 Same day return
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Electric Belt Sander  - 100mm
Price from: £33.24 Same day return
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Electric Floor Sander
Price from: £36.00 Same day return
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Electric Palm Sander
Price from: £21.84 Same day return
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Floor Edging Sander
Price from: £24.00 Same day return
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Floor Sander and Edging Sander - Multi-Deal
Price from: £56.19 Same day return
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Multi sander
Price from: £29.82 Same day return
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Orbital Sander - Electric
Price from: £27.42 Same day return
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Random Orbital Sander
Price from: £32.46 Same day return
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Universal Flooring Machine
Price from: £207.20 per week
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