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Compressor hire

Portable Air Compressors

For portable compressor hire visit Best at hire, your local tool hire centre.

Our paint compressor hire range incorporates double tool air compressors, compact and highly portable petrol air compressors, and electric compressors, amongst other models.

So whether you are looking for a spray paint compressor for use in your home decorating project or an industrial model for use in a trade setting, browse our range to find the equipment you need.

We can also supply a whole host of other painting and decorating equipment – from efficient wallpaper strippers and handy wallpaper perforators right through to temporary zip wall partitions – ensuring you can achieve neat, professional results on any decorating job.

What is an air compressor?

If you are not yet familiar with compressors or how they work, it is worth knowing that they are relatively straightforward machines. They simply convert power (generally from a motor or engine) into potential energy, by compressing atmospheric air – squeezing it into a smaller volume, and therefore increasing its pressure. The energy this creates is then used to power spray painting tools or other air tools.


Our portable air compressors are very handy pieces of equipment used to convert power from an electric motor or a diesel or petrol engine into potential energy. This energy is then stored and used when it is needed to power spray painters or other air tools.

Compressors achieve this simply by forcing air into a smaller volume, boosting its pressure. We have put together a range of portable air compressors suitable for all sorts of jobs, including lightweight and industrial models. Our customers use them for tasks such as:

  • Powering pneumatic tools like pneumatic drills or demolition hammers
  • Atomising paint for spray painting
  • Filling up gas cylinders or vehicle tyres
  • Producing moderate-pressure air required for large-scale industrial processes 

We make it easy to hire spray paint compressors

With a choice of rental periods, competitive prices, and a huge network of UK hire depots; we make it easy for our customers to access affordable, high-quality paint compressors.

You can hire online or call 0344 288 8088 if you would like to talk to a member of our team. We also offer trade accounts if you are interested, and we can organise delivery to your home or site if that is more convenient. Alternatively, just collect your hire equipment from the nearest UK depot.

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