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240v Dehumidifier - Drieaze 1200

240v Dehumidifier - Drieaze 1200

Product code: 160135
240v Dehumidifier - Drieaze 1200
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Product details

Suitable for - Homes, Office, Retail, Leisure Centres, Schools, Hotels, Healthcare

  • Can pump 55 litres of water per day up to 12 metres away - including 5 metres uphill
  • Compact, Quiet & Highly Portable

Our compact, quiet and highly portable 240v Dehumidifier Drieaze 1200 is simple to use and is capable of pumping 55 litres of water per day up to 12 metres away -- including 5 metres uphill.

Offering fast and efficient dehumidification, significantly reducing the risk of developing mould, damp and fungi in a building, this unit draws the air in from the room over a filter, passing it over some cold coils (similar to the coils on a fridge). Since the coils are cold, the air reaches dew point and water is collected in an internal reservoir and pumped to a drain or container up to 12 metres away. The air is then reheated up to room temperature and blown back out of the dehumidifier.

Humid environments can also encourage pests such as fleas, dust mites and moths to thrive, and can cause people a great deal of discomfort - from problems sleeping right through to excessive sweating. This machine's compact design makes it well-suited to use in a whole host of smaller settings such as homes, offices, retail units, hotels, and leisure or educational facilities, helping to create a healthier and more pleasant living or working environment.

Allowing monitored, timed drying, the Drieaze 1200 also incorporates simple intelligent touch pad controls; a robust handle and semi-pneumatic wheels for excellent mobility; and accessories such as an RCD and Extension Lead and specialist drying attachments.

Supplied with:

  • RCD Power Breaker Industrial

Technical spec:

  • Water Removal Max (32.2°C/90% RH): 55 L / Day
  • Water Removal AHAM (26.7ºC/60%RH): 28 L / Day
  • Power consumption: 0.69 KW / Hour
  • Use weight: 36 KG
  • Dimensions (H × W × D): 83 × 50 × 50 cm
  • Intelligent touch pad controls
  • Hot-gas bypass for fast defrost
  • Semi pneumatic wheels for easy transport

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