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Skip Loading Ramp

Skip Loading Ramp

Product code: 150080
Skip Loading Ramp
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Item:Skip Loading Ramp

These skip loading ramps avoid the common yet unsafe practice of using planks of wood or scaffolding boards as a means of wheeling fully-loaded wheelbarrows up into a trailer or a skip.

The tough, stable 3 metre long ramp offers a far safer method of dumping waste material from the wheelbarrow into a skip because it attaches firmly to the skip, and has a handy recessed channel up the centre to accommodate the wheelbarrow wheels. There are also non-slip treads on either side of the central channel to offer a walkway with good grip, enabling workers to safely push the barrow up the ramp without worrying about slipping or falling. This ramp will also fit conveniently into the back of a van or truck for easy transportation to your work site.

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