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Cable Avoidance Tool

Cable Avoidance Tool

Cable Avoidance Tool
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Item:Cable Avoidance Tool

The essential piece of equipment for detecting underground piping, cables, and utilities prior to any deep excavations, this cable avoidance tool is both robust and very easy to use. The device eliminates the risk of striking / damaging unknown pipes or cables, which could potentially cause personal injuries and create costly and time-consuming work. The CAT can even estimate the depth of the obstacle, helping you to dig down just to the right level.

It features three different modes, each of which is capable of detecting a different kind of underground cable or utility. These modes enable the CAT to effectively detect signals emitted by loaded underground cables and VLF radio signals radiated by gas, communication and water service lines. This means you can map out the location of the cables and plan your excavation more efficiently. These tools also feature fully-integrated data logging so that you can keep track of how and when you used your device.

Please note: This information is based on our EziCat tools, but we also stock other brands of cable and pipe detectors. For further details please get in touch.

  • Weight: 3kg

Ref: 320010


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