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Rotavator Hire

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Garden Rotavators, Cultivators, Power Diggers

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Rotavators are a great garden tool to assist with any cultivation work ranging from a small garden landscaping or garden allotment project to cultivating a large field. Given the wide choice of rotovators for hire available, you would need to consider which cultivator or rotovator would be best for the job in hand. Depending on the size of land you wish to cultivate would depend on whether you require a light duty or medium duty petrol cultivator to use. For more larger gardening projects then the heavy duty model may be best served. Also given the cost of purchasing and the average frequency one would use it, it can make much better financial sense to rent a rotavator instead. As a general rule of thumb, for small projects such as cultivating around plants, flower beds or in a small garden or allotment then the light duty cultivator would be ideal. For larger gardens or big allotments, then hiring a medium duty garden rotavator would probably be best and for professional gardeners, farmers or people who have have large amounts of land to cultivate, then the heavy duty rotavator would be best served.

Small Allotments / Vegetable Plots
If you are looking to cultivate a small allotment or vegetable patch then you would probably be best suited to hire Light Duty Petrol Ground Tiller/ Power Digger. Ideally suited to lighter tasks this cultivator is very versatile yet powerful enough to adequately cultivate allotments and garden boarders quickly and effortlessly. They are also generally considered to be one of the most effective gardening tools at dealing with in row weed control. This is because the rotary hoe/light duty tiller churns up the and shatters the weeds being especially successful at dislodging newly germinated ones.

Advantages of Light Duty Petrol Ground Tiller/ Cultivator include:

  • Ability to dig holes thus assisting with planting shrubs and trees
  • Aerate lawns and dethatch
  • Cultivate and weed between rows and around plants
  • Mix compost piles
  • Ability to effortlessly weed allotments and gardens
  • Versatile and simple to operate

Cultivating Larger allotments / Gardens
If you want cultivate larger gardens or allotments then you may want to consider a medium duty petrol cultivator/rotavator. Ideally suited for tougher work, this durable rotavator will cultivate in the most demanding of soil conditions. Whilst still being simple to operate the medium duty rotavator comes equipped with both forward and reverse gears and adjustable anti vibration handle bars. 

If you are cultivating either large areas or working on the hardest terrain, then hire heavy duty hydraulic rotavator with its 13 bhp petrol engine as this would be the ideal gardening tool to assist.  Not only will this rotavator for hire effortlessly cultivate your garden with the minimum of fuss and significantly reduce the time and effort involved in cultivating your garden but with its forward and reverse variable speed control gears, it will make light work where other lesser rotavators may struggle. With their ability to perform a number of different garden functions such as a precursor to laying lawn, cultivating plant and flower beds, weeding or mixing compost, rotovator hire is an ideal solution to every gardeners tool kit. Whether you are looking for a light duty petrol ground tiller for some general maintenance on flower beds or the medium duty petrol cultivator/rotavator for more tougher gardening projects, we have a wide range of gardening equipment for hire.

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