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Camon Lawn AeratorLawn AeratorAerator being used on a lawn

Petrol Lawn Aerator

Product code: 140190
Camon Lawn Aerator
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Product details

Item:Petrol Lawn Aerator - Hollow Tiner
Motor:5.5hp Honda GX160 petrol engine
Cut Width:450mm

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Effective lawn aeration is essential for maintaining the health of any lawn, encouraging deep root growth and nutrients into the soil and also for improving the drainage while alleviating any dry patches.

This is far easier to achieve if you are equipped with a powered lawn hollow tine aerator (or lawn 'plugger').

You can fit this handy and reliable petrol-driven aerator with either hollow corers (for compacted lawns) or solid spikes (for general lawn maintenance) - and a key feature of this particular product is the fact you can change the tines from spikes to corers (or vice versa) in less than five minutes.

Operating the Petrol Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator:

This petrol lawn aerator is extremely simple to operate and is powered by a 4 stroke 5.5 horse power Honda engine which runs on normal unleaded petrol. This powerful and reliable engine allows the machine to work unhindered on even the toughest of garden terrain up to a maximum slope gradient of 20 degrees.

You have one lever to engage the drive to the tines, and another to drop them into the ground. The machine works by punching the tines into the ground using the power of the engine and having the added benefit of being self-propelled, so you don't have to push it along. The tines can punch up to 3 inches deep into the ground depending on the conditions and texture of the soil and allows it to achieve perfect aeration every time.

Furthermore, the aerator is fitted with light pneumatic tyres which not only helps to reduce any damage to the lawn but also makes this a very manoeuvrable machine which can be easily steered into difficult areas of your garden. Also at being only 71cm (28 inches) wide, the aerator will comfortably fit through a standard garden gate.

Other Benefits and Features:

  • Folding Handle bars which make this aerator both easy to store and transport.
  • Fits through a standard garden gate.
  • Height Adjustable - There are 3 settings used for changing the height of the machine and this is achieved by changing the position of the rear axles. Each axle has 3 holes which can be attached to the main chassis frame. Attaching the axles to the lowest position holes will have the effect of moving the tines closer to the ground and therefore increasing the depth the aerator will penetrate by 10mm. The two alternative positions will raise the height of the tines away from the ground and decrease the depth the tines will penetrate. Each step position will either increase or decrease the depth of the tines by 10mm.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 3.6 Litres.
  • Dimensions - L100cm W70cm H68cm.
  • Weight - 83kg.

Please Note:

  • We stock the Camon LA20 aerator. Occasionally, the goods may be out of stock, sold out or unavailable for some other reason. We therefore reserve the right to supply another model.
  • We supply lawn aerators with hollow tines. If you require solid tines please ask when you are ordering.
  • Whilst you are using the aerator, make sure that you wear appropriate safety equipment such as toe-capped boots, protective gloves and ear defenders.

Use Safety Boots Use Safety Gloves Use Ear Defencers Transport By Van



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  • Weekend - The weekend rate covers Friday 12pm to Monday 12pm.
  • Weekly - The maximum rate for each 7 day period.
  • Items are available for longer term hire. Please enquire.




Petrol Lawn AeratorPetrol Lawn AeratorPetrol Lawn Aerator


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