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Floor grinder hire

Surface Preparation Equipment

For concrete cutting tools and floor grinder hire  , visit Best at hire, your National tool hire centre .

Looking for electric-, petrol- or diesel-powered concrete grinding tools? Hire concrete tools online at competitive rates or call us on 0344 288 8088 for advice.

With can supply a huge range of concrete floor levelling tools for various rental periods that will suit your specific project. And with a national network of hire depots, there is always a location nearby – or we can arrange delivery.

Concrete grinders will get rid of unwanted coatings or contaminates from existing concrete floors, as well as cleaning and levelling the surface to remove marks and imperfections – ideal whether you are preparing the concrete for laying new flooring on top, or polishing it up as a finished floor surface in itself.

How concrete grinders work

All of the concrete floor grinders utilise an abrasive action to grind / polish, with various brushes or grinding stones use for different surfaces. They are very powerful and are specially-designed to cater for concrete, which is usually ground dry, rather than other materials such as marble or granite, which are often ground wet. They can generally cope with more stress, which is important because concrete has a higher sliding friction than many other materials.

Our range of concrete grinders

We stock a wide range of concrete grinders , to suit jobs on every scale. Diamond floor grinders are a very popular choice for tackling tough concrete grinding jobs, particularly in large-scale, industrial settings. But at the opposite end of the spectrum we also have compact options such as our electric floor grinder that is small enough to fit in the boot of the average car. Other products include the three-head floor grinder, often used in situations where multiple phase levelling, cleaning and keying is required. We can help you choose the right equipment for the job if you call us on 0344 288 8088.

Easy tool hire for flexible periods – at superb rates

You can hire items online if you have found what you are looking for, or call us on 0344 288 8088 for assistance. Our range of rental packages means you can find a hire period to suit your needs, whether you only need a same day return or weekend-long hire, or have a more demanding project that requires weekly or long-term rental. Pick up your hire items from the handiest depot , or from other areas in the UK. Alternatively, we can organise delivery. And if you want to set up a trade account, please ask – or download an application form.

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Floor Grinder - Electric
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Floor Grinder - Petrol
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Floor Plane
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Floor Planer - Electric
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