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Pat testing equipment hire

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PAT Testing Machines 

For pat tester hire , visit Best at hire, your national tool hire centre.

Our range of hire products includes various items of PAT testing equipment – also known as portable appliance testing equipment – insulation testers.

Portable appliance testing

Here in the UK (and in some other countries), health and safety regulations require electrical appliances to be routinely given an electrical safety test known as "PAT testing" or "in-service inspection & testing of electrical equipment" – in order to prevent harm to workers. The tests required depends on the type of appliance and its electrical Class.

What is a PAT tester?

There are various types of PAT testers including basic level instruments that can undertake simple safety checks such as an earth continuity test, an insulation resistance test, and a check on the wiring of detachable mains cords.

Our PAT tester hire range includes:

  • Earth Loop PSC testers, with models carefully selected from the latest range of ELIT/PSC testers.
  • The robust yet straightforward Megger 320 PAT Testers, which are ideal for PAT testing IT equipment. These are the latest portable appliance testers, suitable for the majority of 110V / 240V and IT testing applications.
  • Our Megger LTW425 Professional Loop Tester, which is a 2 Wire Non-tripping loop tester for 110v to 280v, offering Phase to Phase Testing. 0.001Ω Resolution.
  • RCD Testers, including the latest models of residual-current device testers from brands such as Megger, Robin, and Seaward.
  • The easy-to-use Megger 1552 PAT Tester, which offers insulation-continuity, earth loop impedance-PSC and RCCD testing in one handy instrument.
  • 5Kv Insulation Testers – either mains or battery-powered with a selectable test voltage from 250 to 5000 V, Automatic IR test and measures to 15 TΩ.

Why choose Best at hire?

If you are looking for Pat Test equipment hire , you will find suitable products to hire here online – or you can call us on 0344 288 8088. We work hard to maintain competitive rental rates, and we offer a good choice of hire periods to suit your requirements. You can pick up your electrical PAT testing equipment from any one of our UK hire locations or, if it is more convenient for us to deliver, please ask. 

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5Kv Insulation Tester
Price from: £61.19 48 hours
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PAT Tester - Earth Loop PSC tester
Price from: £19.33 Same day return
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PAT Tester - Megger  320
Price from: £19.33 48 hours
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PAT Tester - Professional Loop Tester
Price from: £6.01 48 hours
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PAT Tester - RCD Tester
Price from: £20.80 48 hours
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