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Grinder hire

Grinding Tools

For angle grinder hire , visit Best at hire, your national tool hire centre – we offer very competitive tool hire rates, a wide range of rental periods, and a handy nationwide network of hire depots.

Our portfolio of angle grinders includes machines suitable for both domestic customers and trade professionals working on a whole array of DIY and construction projects.

Just a few of the many uses for these versatile power tools include grinding metal; cutting bars, rods or bolts; removing rust or old paint; sharpening blades to restore cutting edges; routing out mortar; or cutting a variety of other materials such as stucco, tile or pavers.

Our robust machines come in a variety of sizes and can be fitted with a range of different discs to suit different types of jobs.

Hiring the right angle grinder

The main features to look out for when choosing the right angle grinder hire product is its disc size and the power of its motor. Other factors that may influence your decision include the angle grinder's power source (usually electric, petrol or compressed air), rpm and arbor size. As a general rule, the bigger the disc size the greater the power, but check the product's specification for details. 

Our range of angle grinders includes compact machines such as a mini angle grinder to suit small-scale domestic applications, mid-range angle grinders that are very versatile, and professional, heavy-duty angle grinders to tackle the toughest of cutting jobs. Sizes include 125mm, 180mm, 225mm and 300mm electric angle grinder models plus a range of diamond planers, die grinders, and additional grinding power tools.  

Angle grinder safety tips 

Always read the manufacturer's instructions before using an angle grinder, and make sure you are confident that you know how to use it. They are powerful tools and should always be used with great care. A few of the key safety factors to consider are:

  • Wear a full face shield and other recommended safety gear such as protective gloves.
  • Secure (e.g. clamp) your work firmly in place.
  • Use the angle grinder guard whenever you can.
  • Angle your work to direct debris downwards, and so that the wheel spins away from sharp edges.
  • Unplug the machine when you change wheels.
  • Run new wheels for at least one minute in a secure area before using them for real work. This will give you a chance to check that the wheel isn't defective before you use it properly.
  • Keep other people / workers away from the machine when it is plugged in or in use. Anyone who must enter the area should wear safety glasses.
  • Keep flammable materials away from the area just in case any sparks fly (particularly when grinding metal).

We make it easy for you to hire reliable power tools

Simply hire your angle grinder online or call 0344 288 8088. We can offer advice about the best angle grinder for your job, we can set up a trade account if you want one, and we can arrange delivery. Alternatively, come along to one of our nationwide depots to collect your power tools – with options right across the UK. 

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Angle Grinders
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